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Dear Sir or Madam!


Let me briefly introduce and recommend You our company, the Raabterv Ltd.  Hopefully this short introduction will gain Your pleasure, and we can soon welcome you as our partner.

Our staff has a 25 year-old experience in design and building individual machines, in the following branches:

- Design, manufacturing and building of machines according to individual requirements.

- Design, building and installation of PLC-s and classical controls.

- Maintenance and improvement of individual machines and equipments.

- Supplemental documentation of existing machines or equipments.

- Safety engineering inspection and consultation of machines and equipments.

- Design and manufacturing of individual parts and units, with short lead time.

- Design, manufacturing and installation of lighting engineering machines and equipments.

- Manufacturing, assembly and installation of machines, equipments, according to the documentation (build to print) provided by the Customer.

- Digitalization and modification of drawings, and blueprints according to the Customerís requirements.

- Spare parts manufacturing.

- Building, improving and maintenance of machines with pneumatic control.

Our market philosophy:

- We consider quality to be an indispensable term, in order to offer high quality goods to our customers

- In order to assure reliable relationships between us and our customers, we offer a quick and safe transportation

- With our technical solutions we would like to ensure our Customers the most effective equipments, which have at the same time a favorable price.

With the help of our flexibility we would like to response to the claims of our partners as soon as possible.

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